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Hello and welcome,

you are now on Norwegian author and playwright Bjorn-Erik Hanssen's homepage.
The historical biography Glamour for Goebbels was published November 3rd by Aschehoug Publishing House. The book describes the story of the Norwegian/German actress Kirsten Heiberg, who worked for Goebbels in the German filmindustry from 1938 until 1945. See film clip: The work has taken four years, and the book will reveal the full truth about Kirsten Heiberg's role in German film industry during the nazi era. Was Kirsten Heiberg a collaborator or a secret opponent of Hitler's government?

Another biography is The Golden Viking, a spectacular story about the boxer Ole Klemetsen's life and career. The story has also been realised as film (Big John) and theatre monologue (A Fighter's Heart) for which I have written the scripts.
The film Big John has received several awards in Norway and internationally.

I work as a writer/producer for the Tanzanian Theatre company Tumaini Group, for which I have written the performance Barabaig! (2003) and Maji Maji - The Magic Water (2011)

My production consists of novels, film manuscripts, plays and poetry. The novel The Leopard Man has been translated into English, and is for sale on the web. Here:

I have worked two years in Tanzania, among other things with theatre. You will find much material about Tanzania and the Iraqw people on the homepage. The Leopard Man sums up my experiences from Tanzania.